All-inclusive package
We are not satisfied with offering just a wide range of gases. To us, close customer relations means being able to offer an all-inclusive package to customers to cover all gas needs - right up to installing a Total-Gas-Center that covers all aspects of gas handling. This means, for instance providing the best supply form, customized hardware, cylinder tracking system, tele-monitoring of tanks, remote control of air separators and a comprehensive service package as well as individual financing plans.

Technology Centres
In addition, we perform experiments in our Technology Centres or on site, as well as provide advice based on our vast store of expertise that is steadily augmented by carefully planned research.

Service work

In cooperation with companies that specialize in servicing gas applications, we also perform all the servicing work.

The most important capital of our company will not be found in our financial report: our employee know-how combined with their continual striving efforts to discover new applications for gas and to ensure that it is used even more economically, diversely and with greater ease. This is a great challenge that we set ourselves daily - and it holds the promise of interesting applications. In addition, regular feedback from our engineers around the globe ensures that we are always up to date.

Technical equipment
We also offer specific hardware for gas applications and gas supply. In our Technology Centres, customized devices and facilities are developed, built and tested so as to get the most out of gas in all applications.