Specialty gases are used by a wide range of different industries. This is why Linde Gas manufactures and supplies all specialty gases needed for reducing unwanted emissions, facilitating the detection and measurement of pollution in soil, water and air, and improving the work environment. Specialty gases is also a crucial component in providing the modern world with modern tools such as: wireless communication, cellular phones, micro processors and memory chips, and optical fibers.

Calibration gases
Calibration gases are high-quality precision mixtures for research, development, process control, quality assurance and environmental analysis. Gravimetric methods ensure that the components are metered exactly and with maximum accuracy. Calibration gases can be supplied traceable to a various number of international standards and guidelines. Permanent requirements are covered by manufacturing plants around the world.

Ultrapure gases
The demands on the purity of the supplied gases are rising constantly from different industries and research areas. The purest gases supplied to the electronics industry by us are of grade 9.0 purity (99.9999999 vol.%). Elaborate post-purification methods have reduced the level of impurities to the parts per trillion range.

Electronic gases
We also have our own production and post-purification equipment, together with the necessary precision analytical tools, for providing reactive electronics gases of up to grade 6.0 purity in cylinders

Using a high purity gas or an accurate calibration gas, sets strict demands on your gas distribution system and equipment. Linde gas can provide all the equipment you need from regulator to complete gas distribution systems that maintains the gas quality from source to point of use."