Medical gases are indispensable in the healthcare sector. Wide-ranging legal requirements have been imposed on the use of e.g. oxygen, carbon dioxide and laughing gas as drugs. These must be met during production. Laughing gas, for example, is recovered as a pure gas in a chemical process performed in several Linde-owned production systems.


The healthcare community has used medical gases for more than hundred years. Oxygen is life saving in various situations and nitrous oxide has been used for anesthesia and pain relief since 1844. Helium and carbon dioxide are two other gases for healthcare uses.

The healthcare environment is rapidly changing and our global entity AGA Linde Healthcare is developing new and valuable, gas-based therapies and diagnostic procedures, as well as delivery devices, more convenient packages and other improvements. Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) is the first in a new line of pharmaceutical products that is expected to be registered by AGA Linde Healthcare in EU in the near future. Our subsidiary, INO Therapeutics has already obtained approval for the US market.